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Eben Freeman to Serve Classics & 'Solid Cocktails' Tonight

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Photo: Krieger

Cocktail shaker extraordinaire Eben Freeman sends word that he's got a few last-minute surprises planned for New Year's Eve at The Butterfly in Tribeca. Freeman will be behind the bar all night serving some off-the-menu specials from the vault like The Crumble, Butternut, and Falernum, as well as "solid cocktails." These concoctions come in flavors like Absinthe Gummy Bears, White Russian Breakfast Cereal, and Margarita Marshmallows. Freeman also notes: "I will be serving two drinks which I have never done in the U.S. before." The Butterfly is offering a packaged deal for $85 starting at 10 p.m. and some seats are still available, but Freeman will also be there all afternoon and evening if you want to try one of these drinks after work. And if you do sample one of those absinthe gummy bear solid cocktails, let us know.
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The Butterfly

225 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013

The Butterfly

225 West Broadway, New York, Ny