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2013: The Year in Sandwiches

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In the last few years, sandwiches have undergone a startling resurgence in popularity. As an alternative to increasingly expensive restaurant meals, I must have eaten 150 or so in 2013. Looking back over the year, here's my favorite from each month, working backward.

December: Hot pork shoulder sandwich at Dominique Ansel Bakery — And you thought the only thing to cop there was Cronuts? Bypass the line and grab this lush hot sandwich, which includes a boiled egg for extra richness. 189 Spring St., 212-219-2773.

November: Sausage and spud cemita at Tacos Morelos — Groove on Puebla's notorious sandwich, pressed into a seeded, cactus-pulp roll layered with avocado, refried beans, and gooey white cheese. 438 E 9th St.; 347-772-5216.

October: Fried chicken sandwich at Fritzl's Lunch Box — Fritzl's backyard was my Bushwick summer refuge, and I continued to sit back there far into the fall, eating the remarkably crunchy chicken-patty sandwich. 173 Irving Ave, Brooklyn, 929-210-9531.

September: Beef brisket sandwich at Mighty Quinn's — Priced at under $10 and glinting with Malden sea salt, the brisket sandwich with a choice of two sides/condiments must be one of the best meal deals in the city. 103 2nd Ave., 212-677-3733.

August: Sausage and broccoli rabe hero at Faicco's Pork Store — News that ancient Apulian salumeria Faicco's had started making hot heroes was a welcome breeze that blew through Greenwich Village this past summer. 260 Bleecker St.; 212-243-1974.

July: Carne enchilada torta at Downtown Bakery — This Italian bakery turned Mexican bakery turned taqueria means the bread this sandwich is made on will be excellent, but the catalog of ingredients it contains (including sliced avocado, lettuce, and whole black beans!) is too long to recount here. 69 1st Ave, 212-254-1757.

June: Pork belly buns at Ganso Ramen — Pickled cucumber and dribbles of Sriracha mayo season this bao-borne mini-sandwich of unctuous soy-braised pork belly. 25 Bond St., Brooklyn; 718-403-0900.

May: No. 1 banh mi with fresh green chiles at Banh Mi Saigon — The combination of homemade demi-baguette, plenty of pickled veggies and cilantro, and grainy sausage made on the premises knocks this banh mi for a grand slam. 198 Grand St, 212-941-1541.

April: Mini pastrami sandwiches at Junior's Deli — And you thought the food was awful at this iconic 24-hour downtown Brooklyn outpost? Not these wonderful baby pastrami sandwiches, on onion rolls. 386 Flatbush Ave Extension, Brooklyn, 718-852-5257.

March: Hot roast beef with mozzarella and gravy hero at John's Deli — If the devil himself wanted a sandwich, this is what he'd make, with two ladles of the darkest brown gravy. 2033 Stillwell Ave, Brooklyn, 718-372-7481.

February: Tuna sandwich with raw onions on rye at Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop — Do deli like deli was done long ago at Eisenberg's, with a heap of sour pickles and thick mayo that doesn't make the tuna salad runny. 174 5th Ave., 212-675-5096.

January: Smorrebrod open face sandwiches at Aamanns-Copenhagen — One must have a mind of winter to fully appreciate these miniature sculptures mounted on tiny squares of homemade Danish rye, washed down with thimblefuls of aquavit. 13 Laight St., 212-925-1313.

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Dominique Ansel Kitchen

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