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The Nomad Introduces Mysterious 'Drink Cards'

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The drinks cards in question

Will Guidara and Daniel Humm love surprises, especially when they involve bespoke items, card tricks, and booze. Their newest piece of hospitality theater comes in the form of "drink cards" at The Nomad. According to a tipster who was presented with the cards recently (pictured above), these are dealt out to friends of the house and people who need help deciding what to drink. Some of the cards contain images of spirits (Scotch, wine, beer), while others have drawings that indicate "tastes," and others are "moods," represented by characters like Bruce Lee and Batman.

The bartender will base a drink on whatever cards the guest picks at random, sort of like the cocktail equivalent of a tarot reading. It sounds like these drink cards are not offered to everyone, and you might not get them if you ask. The team has not announced this yet, and it could just be something they're playing around with. But if you are offered these mysterious drink cards, let us know how it works out.
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