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New York Magazine Critic Adam Platt Reveals His Identity

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Here's a mega New Year's surprise for 2014. Longtime New York restaurant critic Adam "Platty Pants" Platt has decided to reveal his identity to both readers and restaurateurs in the most public way possible, splashing his photo on the cover of the magazine. A preview of the cover was posted on Twitter early Saturday morning, promising that Platt will reveal the reason for his unmasking along with New York's annual "Where to Eat" guide that will come out next week.

So why now? Was someone going threatening to post a picture of Platt? Is he going to announce a new TV gig that would require this anyway? Maybe some sort of revenge against the ZZ's/Carbone folks for getting booted? Or is the era of the anonymous critic really truly over? We'll all have to wait another few days to find out.
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