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All'onda, a Christmas Gift for NYC, Still Not Open Yet

All'Onda nail art. Get it before all your friends do. Via @chrisjackle

Soon, Chris Jaeckle and Chris Cannon will kick open the doors to their Greenwich Village restaurant All'onda, and everlasting peace will spread across the land. Angels will rejoice on high, bloggers will tweet with glee, and three wise men — Platt, Sutton, and Wells — will begin their journeys to East 13th Street bearing gifts of gold for the newborn restaurant.

The classy new Italian establishment from Cannon & Jaeckle has already hosted several friends and family dinners attended by food media big wigs like Kate Krader and Nick Solares. Tons of dish photos have already hit the web (see: sardine, sweetbread, tuna with preserved tomato, and arancini with uni), and expect more All'onda tweets and Instagrams later this week, when the restaurant will host its second round of F + F dinners. If everything goes according to plan, All'onda might open next weekend.
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22 East 13th St., New York, Ny