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Washington Square Park Is Banishing its Hot Dog Carts

A newly-formed Washington Square Park Conservancy group has successfully lobbied the Parks Department to kick out all of the hot dog vendors. The Post reports that the Conservancy first convinced officials to nudge the hot dog carts to the outer edges of the park back in March, on the grounds that they were "unsightly." Now the park has allowed these vendors' contracts to expire, and all of the resident hot dog carts will be gone by the end of the month.

Otto's gelato cart and the well-loved NY Dosas cart, on the other hand, have been allowed to stick around, and the park has also signed a deal with Melt for an ice cream sandwich cart. All this, a spokesperson tells the Post, is in order to "ensure clear views of the fountain and arch bring in a more diverse selection of food options." But for the hot dog vendors, it just means making "hundreds less [a week]" in profits.
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