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SantaCon 2013 Ends With Brawling, Stranded Santas

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The scene in the East Village from @ErikVPhoto via EV Grieve

There were no arrests on SantaCon Saturday, and the police only issued 10 summonses for things like open alcohol containers and disorderly conduct, compared to 73 summonses last year. Perhaps this is because the SantaCon organizers shared their route with the authorities before the event, and there was a greater police presence in the neighborhoods where the drunk Santas were hitting up the taverns on Saturday. The police also handed out fliers at the starting point in Tompkins Square Park reminding the Santas to keep things under control.

But things soured by the end of the night when the drunk Santas had too many visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. Many of the Santas had trouble catching cabs back to the North Pole, and, no longer feeling the Christmas spirit, some of them decided to engage in fisticuffs with other crusty Kris Kringles. One of these brawls was caught on camera:

The fight took places outside of Joe Jr. on Third Avenue.

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