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Create a Force Field With Eater's 'No Drunk Santas' Signs

If you don't want drunk people in shabby Santa costumes stumbling into your bar or restaurant during SantaCon 2013 tomorrow, just print out one of Eater's "No Drunk Santas" signs and tape it to your window. It will take maybe two minutes, total, and by doing this, you will create a force field around your business, which no Santas can penetrate.


No Santas: Go Back to the North Pole
Drunk Santas Not Welcome
We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Drunk Santas

With less than 24 hours to go before the crusty Kris Kringles attack this city, here's a roundup of some crucial SantaCon 2013 news:

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· The cops in the Seventh Precinct are urging bar owners to ask the SantaCon revelers to remove their beards when they enter their establishments. A police department source tells the Daily News: "It's for the cameras...If a fight breaks out in a bar and we have video, we want to see them without their beards." The police department suggests that bar owners and restaurateurs call 911 if they're having issues with the drunk Santas. The Daily News also notes: "A special NYPD detail will be assigned to follow the mayhem-prone merrymakers and will respond immediately."

· EV Grieve spots a large display of "Pub Crawl Santa" suits at the Ricky's on Sixth Avenue. They're $25:


· The SantaCon map will be revealed tomorrow morning. But the SantaCon organizers are reminding participants to bone up on their filthy Christmas carols. There's even an app with all the lyrics. Here's the list of songs from the SantaCon site:

And here are the lyrics to "Just Another Santa Rampage" :


· Gothamist explores the history of SantaCon, with quotes from some of the founders of the event. It was started in 1994 by a group of pranksters that called themselves The San Francisco Cacophony Society, and their purpose was to get themselves kicked out of bars, as an absurdist stunt, of sorts. One of the original organizers, who speaks to Gothamist under a veil of anonymity, explains:

I wouldn't care if New York banned it. I don't like the violence or the assholishness that happens.... I like it when you do an event and there are problems. People learn how to deal with issues by getting in trouble. New York got in trouble. They had a lot of fun. Now, go do something else.
SantaCon kicks off tomorrow morning at around 10 a.m.
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