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David Bouley Launches 'Urban Farm' Event Space

Photo: Official Site

David Bouley has just launched a new event space in the space that formerly housed bug cocktail specialist White & Church. Now it's a big, airy, plant-filled place called Bouley Botanical, which the website bills as an "urban farm performance kitchen."

The function of Bouley Botanical is similar to the Bouley Test Kitchen, designed for business events and participatory private parties. Like the Test Kitchen, it's outfitted with all kinds of A/V equipment and a usable kitchen alongside the dining area. There's a media wall and colored LED lights that can be changed to "fit the mood of your event." Plant boxes lining the windows and kitchen are filled with over 400 kinds of edible plants, which also presumably play a role in the sorts of activities the venue will host. The space is currently booking reservations, and will hosts its first event tonight. It's $500 for the use of the space, plus $145 per person for the addition of a three-course meal.
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Bouley Botanical

281 Church St., New York, NY