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Ozersky and Stein Debate the Year in Dining

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Josh Ozersky and Joshua David Stein go head to head in the Observer today, with their competing picks for all the best and worst chefs, restaurants, and trends of the year in New York. There's a lot to dig through in this list, and it's worth a read for some of the searing take-downs on both sides, but here are a few vitals:

Stein calls Bunker the best new budget restaurant, and picks Luksus for the best new high-end restaurant. Ozersky, meanwhile, chooses Chubby Mary's and Piora. Stein gives best new chef to Estela's Ignacio Mattos, while Ozersky has the somewhat unlikely choice of Dominique Ansel. Best atmosphere goes to either "Andrew Carmellini's Adonis of a restaurant," Lafayette, or to the "plutocratic opulence of yore" at Villard Michel Richard (to which Stein responds, "Ozersky, have you been to Villard?"). Finally, the two offer some predictions for next year, which include the emergence of high-end knives, "geeking out" over beer, and "meateries."

There's a whole lot more besides, so do head over to the Observer for the full debate over the trends, the overrated, and the surest sign of the dining apocalypse.
· Grub Match: Josh Ozersky and Joshua David Stein Slug it Out [NYO]
[Image: The Observer]

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