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Burger & Lobster Will Only Serve Those Two Things

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Burger & Lobster in London via Facebook

London's hit Burger & Lobster is currently planning a New York expansion. The chain, which has a small empire of five restaurants across the pond, tells DNAinfo that it will open its first U.S. outpost in the Flatiron District by summer 2014.

The menu at Burger & Lobster, which regularly draws lines in London, is just two dishes away from landing it in single-dish restaurant territory. In other words, there are only three entree options: a burger, a grilled lobster, or a lobster roll. Each one costs $20, and comes with fries and a salad. Along with the entrees, there will be rotating cocktail and dessert menus. The New York Burger & Lobster will open in a two-story space at 39 W. 19th Street by August of 2014.
· London Burger and Lobster Chain Plans First City Outpost in Flatiron [DNAinfo]

Burger & Lobster

39 W. 19th St., New York, NY