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Gwynnett St.'s Carl McCoy Arrested in Drug Bust

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Carl McCoy, the owner of excellent Williamsburg restaurant Gwynnett St., was arrested on drug possession charges on Tuesday night and released on a $25,000 bail the next day after helping the authorities catch a co-conspirator in a narcotics operation. The Daily News reports that the feds intercepted a packaged at JFK on December 8 that contained synthetic methylone that was addressed to McCoy at Gwynnett St. According to the report, a Homeland Security agent talked with McCoy the next day and showed him a picture of the package, and the restaurateur admitted that he was having money problems and had agreed to accept the parcels for a drug dealer in exchange for $1,000 per delivery.

According to the Daily News report, McCoy then agreed to wear a wire and meet the drug dealer for the hand-off on Tuesday night. McCoy handed the dealer a package of dummy drugs, and both men were arrested on the spot. The restaurateur tells the Daily News: "I have no comment."
UPDATE: Grub Street notes that the restaurant's Twitter account replied to the Daily News with the following message: "This is some Onion shit, not true, Carl McCoy is here today and working. none of these accusations are true."
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[Photo: Gwynnett St.]

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