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Brooklyn Now Has an Artisanal Gruel Shop

[Brooklyn Porridge Co, via Facebook]

If a young Oliver Twist lived in Brooklyn in 2013, he would probably go to the Brooklyn Porridge Co., a Park Slope pop-up specializing in "whole grain porridges." The boy Oliver could have his fill of soupy, boiled oats with toppings like portobello & pesto, artichoke hearts & white truffle oil, or ham with Vermont cheddar. Or, the pauper child could simply design his own bowl of gluten-free, non-GMO gruel, with two toppings for $6.95.

For a close look at the gussied-up porridges served at this new establishment, check out Fucked in Park Slope's early report.
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Brooklyn Porridge Co.

741 Union St., New York, Ny