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Ed Schoenfeld & Joe Ng Launch Phase 1 of Decoy Tonight

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For the last few weeks, Ed Schoenfeld and Joe Ng have been using the recently acquired space below the original location of Red Farm as an extension of the dining room. But starting tonight, they will begin to turn this space into Decoy, the Peking duck and cocktail-centric spinoff of Red Farm. The regular menu will be served in the downstairs space until about 9 p.m., then it will turn into a bar with snacks starting around 9:30 p.m. The Red Farm team has created new drinks for Decoy, including a version of a Manhattan made with duck fat-washed whiskey, and the bartenders will also make bespoke cocktails upon request.

The bar snack menu has things like shrimp-stuffed jalapeno poppers, sea bass and avocado tarts, lobster claw tempura, and a new creation called "Double Duck," which is a bun filled with grilled and roasted duck. Also of note: The space is now adorned with vintage duck decoys that Ed Schoenfeld bought on eBay.

Early next year, the Red Farm team will introduce the multi-person Peking duck feasts, which will be served in this downstairs space, and guests will be able to make reservations for these dinners. But for now, it's a dining room for half of the evening, and a cocktail parlor with snacks during the second half of the night.

Take a look at the new Decoy late night menu:

Decoy Cocktail 12.9.13 by Eater NY

[Photo: Facebook]

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