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Bo's Waiter Confirms That Jack Selby Is TipsForJesus

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Bo's Bill; Selby Photo

The waiter who received the $1,000 tip from mysterious do-gooder TipsForJesus tells the Post that yes, the generous fellow is indeed former Paypal Vice President Jack Selby. The waiter, Aruj Dhawan, notes: "A stranger comes in and drops a thousand dollars...I was just really thankful." Valleywag first floated the rumor that Selby was behind TipsForJesus last Wednesday. All of the restaurant staff members that Eater spoke with last week chose not to reveal his identity, and the entrepreneur has not yet confirmed that he's the man behind the project. Selby is probably not acting alone, though — big tips were left in both New York and Punta Mita, Mexico on the same night last week, so he probably has an accomplice.
UPDATE: Although the Post claims that the Bo's waiter identified former PayPal VP Jack Selby as the person who paid last weekend, Eater has seen the receipt and the tipper, at least at Bo's, was not Selby. (Obviously, Selby could have possibly been there, but he did not pay.)
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Bo's Kitchen and Bar Room

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