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NIMBYs Launch AntiCon In War Against Drunk Santas

With just four days to go until lower Manhattan is blanketed with drunken Kris Kringles, the LES Dwellers are getting ready for war. The NIMBYs, who are best known for battling club and bar owners who want to open in the Lower East Side (as well as the local Community Board), have launched AntiCon, a marketing campaign meant to let participants of SantaCon know that they are not welcome in the LES.

Of course, the Dwellers really only speak for a small sect of the neighborhood, and a lot of bar owners have already said that the day is really a boon for business. Can SantaCon weather this storm, or will this be the last year that the drunken sleigh ride happens in New York? Just remember, it's all for charity!
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