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Authentic Isan Cuisine at Larb Ubol in Hell's Kitchen

Welcome back to Sietsema's Secrets, a new Eater Video series that takes readers inside the kitchens of the city's best ethnic restaurants.

In this edition of Sietsema's Secrets, Robert and the video crew head to Hell's Kitchen newcomer Larb Ubol where chef/restaurateur Ratchanee Sumpatboon cooks traditional Isan Thai fare. In the clip above, chef Ratchanee makes a few of the restaurant's best dishes, including a fiery som tum salad, and the pork and eggplant stir fry called pad ped moo krob. Sietsema says of the latter: "If you haven't tried Isan food before, you've never tasted anything quite like it."
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Larb Ubol

480 9th Ave., New York, NY