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Five Crucial Facts About the TipsForJesus Mega-Tippers

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Photo: @tipsforjesus/Instagram

On the condition of maintaining complete anonymity, Eater National interviewed the mysterious mega-tippers behind TipsForJesus. Over the past three months, they have been dropping tips in the hundreds of thousands of dollars at bars and restaurants across the country, and they've been documenting their gift-giving on Instagram. Just last week, they hit up The Smith, The Nomad, and Bo's. The whole interview is an absolute-must read for anyone interested in this strange phenomenon. But here are five important facts, gleaned from the Q & A:

1) The TipsForJesus tippers have been doing this for 10 years. They just started documenting it on Instagram recently.
2) Although the Post claims that the Bo's waiter identified former PayPal VP Jack Selby as the person who paid last weekend, Eater has seen the receipt and the tipper, at least at Bo's, was not Selby. (Obviously, Selby could have possibly been there, but he did not pay.)
3) There is no plan or schedule for the tipping. The spokestipper tells Eater National: "We always tip pretty generously, but the tipsforjesus-sized tips are unscripted. There aren't any rules really."
4) TipsForJesus has no religious affiliation.
5) The TipsForJesus tippers do not plan to stop anytime soon.
· Q&A With TipsForJesus, the Mystery Mega Tippers [Eater National]

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