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Achatz & Stupak Cook Together; BrisketTown's Birthday

Daniel Krieger

EAST VILLAGEDaniel Krieger was in the kitchen during last night's Push Project dinner at Empellon Cocina, when Grant Achatz and Alex Stupak prepared a Thanksgiving-inspired feast. Tonight, the chefs will also cook together at Empellon Cocina. Check out a set of photos from last night over on Eater National. [Eater National]

FLATBUSHThe Farm on Adderley is going to host spirit maker Brian McKenzie on Tuesday, November 12, for a five-course dinner paired with beverages made with his Finger Lakes Distilling concoctions. The meal with beverage pairings is $80 per person. Check out more information here. [EaterWire]

WILLIAMSBURGBrisketTown turns one next Friday, November 15. To celebrate, the restaurant will have a party that night with live music. After 10 p.m., Daniel Delaney & Co. will tap some kegs of beer, and the tables will be pushed aside to encourage dancing. The bar will stay open during the party. [Facebook]

Empellon Cocina

105 First Avenue, New York, NY 10003 212 780 0909