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New York City Is No Longer the City That Never Sleeps

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Michael Musto writes a piece in the New York Times today bemoaning the end of New York as "The City That Never Sleeps," saying that nightlife that used to go all night now seems to end well before closing time. The reasons he gives are the usual ones, like gentrification, Brooklyn, Giuliani, and the rise of social media putting a damper on debauchery.

Despite these claims, most club operators will tell you that their business is booming, which is probably why the nightclub market is thriving and new clubs (not just replacements for clubs that have closed) continue to open at a rapid clip. And don't forget that in the wild 1980s, New York was really the nightlife capital of the world. Now you can go to Las Vegas, Miami, London, Ibiza, Sydney and countless other cities across the globe and find the exact same nightlife scenes filled with bottle service, overpriced DJs, and sparklers that New York clubs have to offer. In short, people still love to go out, but they are also kind of over it all.
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