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McNally's Intros Are the Best Parts of the Schiller's Book

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Keith McNally with some friends in 1981. Photo: Tribeca Tribune

Last week, before Balthazar Bathroom Attendant Gate 2013, Keith McNally released the Schiller's Liquor Bar Cocktail Collection, a nifty set of four little guides to drink making. The recipes and bar tips are all fine, but his introductions really steal the show. Here's Keith on the creation of the Schiller's bar program:

Many of the bartenders I first hired were less interested in the simplicity of classic cocktails than adding their own "twists" to them. (These were often the ones who called themselves mixologists.) I soon applied my own "twist" by firing most of these bartenders.
And, also, here's his advice from the "bartender's guide" intro:
What is imperative is that you enjoy the drinks you make. If, for some reason you don't, please call me...and I'll come over to your place and make the drinks for you, free of charge. I might charge for subway fare, however.
McNally also explains that with Schiller's, he wanted to create a bar "that was cheap, raw, and attractive to deadbeats like myself."
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