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Hudson Malone is Now Serving Drinks in Midtown East

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Famed bartender Doug Quinn, formerly of P.J. Clarke's, opened the doors to his new Midtown East bar and restaurant Hudson Malone last night. Currently, the tavern is in soft opening mode, so there's no food yet, but an employee tells Eater that they're now serving drinks to anyone that wants to stop by.

Back in May, Quinn told Robert Simonson: "Upstairs, it will be more Art Deco and sexy, more of a cocktail room. The drinks will be classic, with not too many ingredients, with bartenders who will make eye contact with you and not ignore you." The food menu will include things like burgers, steaks, seafood dishes, and "the best pork chop you've ever had in your life." Stay tuned for more details on the space and the dining options later this week, but for now, check out "Quinn's Laws":

From the restaurant's website:


Hudson Malone
218 East 53rd St., Midtown East
Soft open

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[Doug Quinn via Hudson Malone]

Hudson Malone

218 East 53rd St., New York, NY