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Lobel's Kitchen Closes After Just Eight Months in Business

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Layla Khabiri

Sad news to report today on the Upper East Side: Lobel's Kitchen, the Third Avenue spinoff of famed butcher shop Lobel's, is no more. A neighbor tells Eater that the restaurant closed "overnight," and an employee at the Madison Avenue shop says that it's done for good and that "It just didn't work out." The awning is off, paper is up in the windows, and the air no longer smells of steak sandwiches.

How could the casual spinoff of a beloved New York institution like Lobel's bellyflop after just eight months in business? Who is to blame for its failure? Did it close because the Upper East Side didn't love it hard enough?

The world may never know the answers to these questions.
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Lobel's Kitchen

1030 3rd Ave., New York,NY