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All-Biscuit Restaurant Needs One More Day to Recuperate

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New York's first-ever 24-hour all-biscuit restaurant, Empire Biscuit, was crushed on its opening day to the point where the owners needed several more days to recuperate. The restaurant briefly reopened on Sunday, but then it closed again. Now, the team sends word that Empire Biscuit will reopen tomorrow at 8 a.m. For the rest of this week, it will stay open till 11 p.m., then next week, the owners hope to serve 24-hours-a-day. From a message sent to Eater:

We're asking you to believe that our continued closures aren't a PR stunt or the result of ineptitude. We're serious people that really care about our food and our guests. We're just doing 10 times as much business as we expected. And we'd rather close the doors a couple days and lose revenue than try to cash in on the hype, serving food that is less than awesome with a totally overwhelmed staff. That's not us.
The team also notes: "Seriously, how cool is this? This is the kind of shit you dream about."
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Empire Biscuit

198 Avenue A., New York, NY