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Buy Your Tickets to Eater Eve Greatness

We are bringing the best of the best up from the South to cook at Eater Eve, but we are of the mindset that New York is putting out some outstanding southern-fried goodness as well. To prove that New Yorkers know their stuff, we invited not one but two hometown heroes to cook along side their southern brethren.

First up, we invited Chef Robert Newton from the heralded Carroll Gardens standby Seersucker. The ever-inventive chef is going to cook a new dish he's been working on: Country Captain Hudson Valley duck and rice dumplings with pickled golden raisins and North Carolina peanuts. We're going to go ahead and call this "damn good" on the menu.

And from Maysville— an Eater 38 restaurant—Chef Kyle Knall is going to join in the fun. This guy, who earned two-stars from the New York Times is going to crush it with a dish that involves charcoal-roasted sweet potato and a country ham crumble. Sign us up please.

Come eat and drink with us and your hometown heroes. Get your tickets now. >>


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