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Fung Tu, A Creative Chinese-American Restaurant

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[All photos by Daniel Krieger]

Here's a look inside Fung Tu, Wilson Tang, Jonathan Wu, and John Wells' elegant little "creative" Chinese-American restaurant. This is a far cry from the checkered table cloths and dim sum feasts at Tang's iconic Nom Wah Tea parlor. There are whitewashed brick walls and angular wooden booths, with various geometric design elements created by Wu's wife, Jane D'Arensbourg, who is a jeweler. Wu, a vet of Per Se along with John Wells, formerly of Mas (farmhouse), serves a menu to match, with dishes like broad bean curd terrine with pickled mustard greens and bacon, and vegetable-stuffed Parker House steamed buns. Along with that there cocktails like the Olive Spritz and a wine list from Chicago sommelier (and partner in the restaurant) Jason Wagner. Take a look: Fung Tu
22 Orchard St., Chinatown
Now open

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