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The Return of Pok Pok Ny; Batali's Orange Croc Crisis

COLUMBIA STREET WATERFRONT DISTRICTEarlier today, Andy Ricker tweeted this picture along with the message: "Pok Pok Ny reopens tonight at 5:30 p.m. in our new space at 117 Columbia Street. Back in the saddle!" And indeed, the restaurant has officially reopened just a few doors down from the original space. Ricker closed the old one on Sunday, with plans to turn it into an event space. [Twitter]

BATALIWIRECrocs is discontinuing its line of orange clogs, which have become Mario Batali's signature footwear. Batali says that he placed an order for 200 orange crocs, so he should be set for a while. The chef explains: "They made a special run for me before they retired the color." Head over to Eater National for the rest of the details. [Eater National]

SOUTH STREET SEAPORTThe Queens Kickshaw will be at New Amsterdam Market's New York State Cider & Thanksgiving Market this Sunday. The menu will include things like kimchi grilled cheese, shepherd's pie, and a hard cider churro, all of which can be paired with ciders. A "school tray" of half-portions of all five specials will be available for $22. [EaterWire]

Pok Pok Ny

117 Columbia Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 (718) 923-9322 Visit Website

Pok Pok NY

117 Columbia St., New York, NY