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Mission Cantina, Danny Bowien's Mexican Restaurant

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[All photos by Daniel Krieger]

After weeks of star-studded preview dinners, chef/restaurateur Danny Bowien opened his Lower East Side Mexican restaurant Mission Cantina last night. Bowien is offering his own unique take on Mexican cuisine here, with a menu that includes ceviches, tacos, and large plates to share. Early diners have praised the eggs with urchin, the wings, the scallop and beef heart ceviche, and the rotisserie chicken. Mission Cantina is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 6 p.m till midnight. Take a look at the menu (a work in progress) plus the space:


hokkaido scallop and beef heart ceviche- capers, olives, citrus. 12

shrimp and butterfish ceviche- lime, habanero, coconut. 12

soft scrambled eggs- sea urchin, jalapen?o pickles, chicharron. 12

fresh queso oaxaca- hickory smoked, olio nuovo, marinated poblano peppers. 8.5

ensalada cardini- escarole, treviso, anchovy vinaigrette. 9

chicken wings- mole? spices, chili vinegar, sesame, crema. 10

(tacos, meat)

lamb belly- coriander, crema. 4.5

al pastor- rotisserie pork belly, fermented pineapple. 4

chicken liver- tostada, creamed white beans, pickled chili morita. 4

carnitas- confit pork shoulder, crispy jowl, pork crackling. 4

beef tongue- charred onions, tomato pickle, peanuts. 4

alambres- grilled beef brisket, smoked bacon, queso oaxaca, peppers and onions. 5

octopus and chicken wing- pickled jalapen?o. 5

crispy beef tripe. 4

(tacos, vegetable)

hongos- mushroom, epazote, charred queso oaxaca. 4

bitter greens- fresh corn, soft cow's milk cheese. 4

charred poblano pepper- smoked mozzerella, fresh cream. 4

pumpkin- pumpkin mole, pepitas, queso cotija. 4

smoked potato tostada- avocado, dill, radish. 5

(big things to share)
served with tortillas, two salsas, crema.

whole rotisserie chicken, grilled- stuffed with rice, chorizo and pecans, brown rice vinaigrette. 35

rack of lamb ribs- coffee and hibiscus mole? . 35


rice and beans- chicarro?n, tomato, lemon. 7

spicy carrot pickles- pineapple, clove, cinnamon and anise. 3

charred cauliflower escabeche- rosemary, red rice vinegar. 5

cebollitas- grilled spring onions, butter, citron. 6

guacamole and chicharro?nes. 8

chips and two salsas- 5

(soft drinks)

jarritos. 3

sprite. 3

coke/diet coke. 3


negra modelo. 6

modelo especial. 6

cantina sangria- burgundy, pear, apple, orange, cinnamon 7

cantina michelada- bacon rim, worcestershire, hot sauce, lime. 7

lil' luche- soju, pineapple, yuzu, calpico, spice. 10

como la flor- soju, cantaloupe, orange, mint, prosecco. 10

dirty horchata- stumptown cold brew, almond, cinnamon. 10

Mission Cantina
172 Orchard St., Lower East Side
Now open for dinner.

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Mission Cantina

172 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002 (212) 254-2233 Visit Website