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Cherry Bombe to Launch Food Conference in March

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Kerry Diamond and the team from Cherry Bombe magazine are planning a food conference in NYC on March 9, 2014 called Jubilee. Like the magazine, the conference will "celebrate women and food." Diamond, who operates Seersucker and Nightingale 9 when she's not working as the editorial director of the mag, says that the team had been thinking about organizing a 2015 conference "from day one," but the recent Time magazine "Gods of Food" debacle made them want to get this off the ground at an earlier date.

Diamond explains that Eater National's pie charts depicting the ratios of male chefs to female chefs at major food events were "the final straw." Ms. Diamond tells Eater National that the event will have "a large percentage of women, in terms of the attendees, the presenters, and the panelists." The venue and lineup will be announced in January, but for now, anyone that's interested in participating should contact the Jubilee team directly. Head over to Eater National for more details on the event.
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[Photo: Cherry Bombe/Eater National]