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Bros Name New LES Bro Bar After Mutual Ex-Girlfriend

There have been a lot of convoluted stories behind the naming of bars, but the soon to open Leave Rochelle Out Of It has them all beat. You see, Rochelle Lee was just a nobody hostess at Pastis circa 2005 when Bro #1 first met her and became smitten. Sadly, Bro #1 and Rochelle lacked any real chemistry and became good friends. A few years later, Bro #2 decided that he had a thing for Rochelle, and he asked Bro #1 if he could go there (Of course Bro!), and a six-month romance was hatched.

Fast forward to 2013, when Bro #1 and Bro #2 decided they were better off with each other than Rochelle, and hatched a plan to open a whiskey bar. But what should we name it Bro? And then Bro #1 told Bro #2, "We have 1,000 things in common, but leave Rochelle out of it." Gold! So anyone who wants to sample one of their 70 whiskeys, American pub food, or even one of their mini barrels of Old Forrester barrel-aged Breukelen cocktails, head down to the old Cocktail Bodega space and tell those Bros that Rochelle sent you. Wink!
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Leave Rochelle Out Of It

205 Chrystie St., New York, NY