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Pok Pok Ny to Move Up the Block Next Week

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Andy Ricker and his crew are gearing up for the Great Pok Pok Switcheroo of 2013. The original New York location of Pok Pok Ny will close early next week, and it will reopen in newer, bigger digs a few doors up the block at 117 Columbia St. (the old Chio space) during the week of November 23. Back in July, Ricker said that after the move, the menu would "expand to more closely match all the dishes we have available in Portland." Ricker and his crew might even introduce lunch somewhere down the road. Zagat reports that the old space will become an event facility called Suan Pok Pok. If you want your Pok Pok fix next week, head to the Whiskey Soda Lounge Ny, which will be open for business as usual during and after the change-up.

A tipster recently sent in this picture of a monk blessing the new Pok Pok space (standard practice for any Pok Pok opening), so it must be just about ready to go.
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Pok Pok Ny

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Pok Pok's New Location

117 Columbia St., Brooklyn, NY