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Learn the Secrets of Japanese Ramen with Ivan Ramen


American-born chef Ivan Orkin, whose Ivan Ramen restaurants are now the talk of Tokyo, spent 13 years in Japan perfecting the traditional noodle soup. As Orkin prepares to open his first stateside outpost, he looks back on his time in Japan in Ivan Ramen, a new book co-authored with Lucky Peach editor Chris Ying. More than just a cookbook, Ivan Ramen is the only English-language book focused on the cultish world of Japanese ramen and details Orkin's unlikely, decade-long transformation from mistrusted gaijin to recognized ramen authority. Written with equal parts candor, humor, and irreverence, Ivan Ramen will inspire readers to forge their own path, give them insight into Japanese culture, and leave them with a deep appreciation for what goes into a seemingly simple bowl of noodles.

Take a peek inside the book—and try a sample recipe. >>