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Empire Biscuit Is Overwhelmed by Customer Demand

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Photos by Robert Sietsema

The city's newest, hottest, 24-hour, single dish restaurant Empire Biscuit is taking somewhat longer than expected to get up and running smoothly. The shop opened on Wednesday, serving just biscuit sandwiches, biscuits and gravy, and biscuits with a multitude of different butters, jams, and spreads. Yesterday it was closed to recover from that busy first day, but the owners said that it would reopen today. Right now, however, the windows are papered over and there's an apology note taped to the window, explaining why it won't be open until Sunday: "Frankly, demand that we experienced in our first day surpassed all expectations."

Apparently owners Yonadav Tsuna and Jonathan Price were just not prepared for the white hot frenzy that biscuits can incur. Over the next couple of days they'll be bulking up on staff and production, to be open for just breakfast and lunch on Sunday, and hopefully for a full 24 hours by Tuesday.
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