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Trufflemania Hits Piora; Sutton on Alder's Pigs in a Blanket

WEST VILLAGEChris Cipollone is now offering shaved white truffles with one of his new pasta dishes. It's a bowl of homemade tortellini that are stuffed with preserved truffle, kuri squash, and ricotta. The pasta pieces are also tossed with fresh porcini mushrooms. The pasta is $24, and the white truffle supplement is $45. The team from Circo also sends word that the restaurant just got fresh white truffles, and they'll shave them over tagliatelle and risotto. [EaterWire]

BUSHWICKJustin Warner and the team from Do or Dine are applying for one of Chase's Mission to Main Street grants. On Facebook, the management explains: "Hey gang! We're trying to get votes to be in the running for this. Imagine a bigger, better Do or Dine!" Fans can vote for free, no pledging necessary. [EaterWire]

SUTTON WIREOver on the Price Hike, Ryan Sutton writes about the $13 pigs in a blanket dish at Alder. The critic argues that Wylie Dufresne and Jon Bignelli are doing something similar to what Danny Bowien and Alex Stupak are doing with other cuisines. Sutton writes: "These chefs are taking so-called ethnic foods, or in the case of Dufresne and Bignelli, regional American snack foods, and they're extricating these tradition and nostalgia-based cuisines from the burden of being cheap. What they're doing, for lack of a better term, is the future of food. Rock on." [Bloomberg]

EAST WILLIAMSBURGAlthough 3rd Ward is mysteriously closed right now, the art center's hip new restaurant Fitzcarraldo is still very much open for business as usual. [EaterWire]
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