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Popular Restaurant Releases Menu

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The most-anticipated Upper West Side Chinese restaurant of all time just released its menu. You might recognize some favorites from Hudson Street like the Pac Man dumplings, crispy skin smoked chicken, and spicy crispy beef, plus some curious new creations like the vegetable pancake and the diced tuna with noodles. So far, this restaurant — which was over a year in the making — is only open for lunch, but dinner is on the way. A reader sends in this picture of the dining room, with the note: "The new one appears to be much friendlier towards eaters like me who don't want to sit at a communal table." See early reports here and here, and take a look at the menu below:

RF Broadway Lunch Menu - 10.7.13 by Eater NY

Red Farm

529 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014 (212) 792-9700 Visit Website

Popular Restaurant

2170 Broadway, New York, NY