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Check out Michael Toscano's New Montmartre Menu

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Montmartre by Krieger

After a two day break, Gabe Stulman's Montmartre returns tonight with a completely revamped menu from new chef and co-owner Michael Toscano. The menu is significantly different from the one that opening chef Tien Ho served. Dishes like the snails with chorizo, roasted and smoked duck, and pot-au-pho are all gone. Now the options include homemade charcuterie, pasta Provençal, a foie gras gateau, a shoulder steak with pommes dauphine, an $18 burger, and a coq au vin for two. It looks very classically French, and very meaty. Check it out:

12Montmartre Dinner 10.24.13.pdf by Eater NY

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158 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10011