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Be in Awe of Butcher & Bee at Eater Eve

[Photo: Andrew Cebulka]

Let us tell you about what may be the best sandwich spot in the country: Charleston's Butcher & Bee. This essential spot specializes in cool takes on old classics?things like pulled squash with BBQ sauce and roast beef with chimichurri sauce. We're of the persuasion that there is nothing quite like tucking into a good sandwich, so we are bringing owner Michael Shemtov and his B&B crew to Eater Eve.

And boy, they are going to deliver. They are whipping up their much-loved, Kate Krader-approved grilled cheese for all of us to enjoy. It is made with all things awesome: pimento cheese, okra, and candied pecans. And, because this is Eater Eve, they're going to whip up some ham hock soup, too. Don't miss out on Butcher & Bee's ultimate soup and sandwich combo. Get your Eater Eve tickets today. >>

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