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Another Move for Pink Tea Cup, This Time to Brooklyn

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The most recent location of the beleaguered Pink Tea Cup, has, like its predecessors, shuttered. The 55-year-old restaurant was once a soul food staple of the West Village, but has occupied two other locations since restaurateur Lawrence Page first resurrected the institution in 2010. And yet Page perseveres: even as the Chelsea location was filing for bankruptcy back in the spring, he announced his plans to open a new location in Brooklyn. Now that Fort Greene outpost will be the sole location of The Pink Tea Cup, making this the third move for the restaurant (not counting the move from the original spot when Page took over) in as many years.

According to the website, half of the Pink Tea Cup's clientele are in Brooklyn anyway, and "owner Lawrence Page is very hip and understands that if you do not move with the times, you can damage your brand." A representive tells Eater that the new location on Lafayette Avenue is "a mere week or two away" from opening.
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The Pink Tea Cup

120 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, NY