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Michael Toscano Is Now the Chef at Montmartre

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Photos by Daniel Krieger

Huge news from within the Little Wisco empire: Perla's Michael Toscano is now the chef and co-owner of Montmartre in Chelsea. He replaces Tien Ho, who opened Montmartre with restaurateur Gabe Stulman last winter. Stulman explains the move: "At Montmartre, Michael will be returning to French cooking, the tradition that first drew him to the kitchen and became the foundation of his professional career. We look forward to sharing his dishes that are inspired by the history of French cuisine and technique." Toscano has promoted executive sous chef Jack Harris to the position of chef de cuisine at Perla, and he will still be guiding the menu there. So, now Toscano is the chef and co-owner of both Perla and Montmartre.

Although Montmartre got off to a somewhat rocky start, it earned two stars from Pete Wells and it received strong reviews from several other critics following a drastic revamp of the menu. No word yet on where Tien is headed next, but he is now, once again, one of New York's top free agent chefs.
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