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NIMBYs Demand Investigation of Community Board 3

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Normally it's the business owners who are angered by the "kangaroo court" ways of their local community boards, but there is a NIMBY on NIMBY war raging in the East Village and Lower East Side, and it threatens to throw the local system into utter chaos. You may recall the recent shunning of the LES Dwellers by Community Board 3, who accused the NIMBYs of overstepping their assigned roles in the charade that is the SLA licensing process and suspended their involvement in CB 3 hearings for three months. The Dwellers are quite angry, and decided to secretly record a conversation between the CB 3 leaders to gather evidence in their defense.

The Dwellers have submitted all of this to current Manhattan Borough President (and soon to be Comptroller) Scott Stringer's office, demanding a full investigation into their suspension and an independent investigation by the Board. If you have an hour and absolutely nothing better to do, feel free to listen to the riveting conversation between the two groups. Will the Community Board leaders, firmly entrenched in power and supported by the local elected officials, be able to fight back this challenge from the new NIMBYs?
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