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Royal Palms Launches Kickstarter for Shuffleboard Glory

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A rendering from Kickstarter

The owners of The Royal Palms are oh so close to being ready to opening the doors to Brooklyn's first and only shuffleboard palace. But now almost two years after executing a lease on the 17,000 square foot Gowanus warehouse, they are looking to raise some additional funds to help them build courts that meet the exacting standards demanded by the International Shuffleboard Association. As promised, they have turned to Kickstarter to help get them over the finish line.

Owners Ashley Albert and Jonathan Schnapp say that the money will allow them to "pour out eight enormous truckloads (how many gallons is that?) of concrete from the Brooklyn Mix Concrete Company to make the sweetest, smoothest, fanciest shuffleboard courts this fine city has ever seen!" They also are endearingly honest about the process of opening their shuffleboard bar, saying that, "there are days when it is very, very hard. And there are days when there's not one thing better."

It looks like they have already reached their goal of $20,000, but they are still offering great perks like discounted entry into a special shuffleboard league. And by looking at the rendering of what it may look like, how can you not want to open up your wallet to make sure this place opens as soon as possible?
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The Royal Palms

514 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY