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The Cover App Lets You Pay Without Opening Your Wallet

A new app called Cover allows diners to eat, finish their meals, and walk out of the restaurant without even thinking about or looking at the bill. Cover users check-in to the restaurant when they arrive, then via the magic of technology, the app pays the bill with a credit card (pre-determined tip included) once the meal is done. If you're dining in a large group, the total bill will be split evenly between all the members of your party.

Right now, 16 restaurants in NYC are accepting payment by Cover, including Yunnan Kitchen, Lure Fishbar, Northern Spy, Swine, ZZ's Clam Bar, Charlie Bird, and Estela. In the near future, the creators of the app hope to set up a self-service model to make it easy for restaurants big and small to accept payment from the app. Cover is totally free. Check out more information on iTunes.
· Payments Startup Cover Launches Out Of Beta [Tech Crunch]
[Photo: iTunes]

Yunnan Kitchen

79 Clinton St., New York, Ny