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Is it Almost Curtains for EMM's Bowery Club Finale?

Bombshell from the Bowery: The State Liquor Authority has launched an investigation into FINALE, the EMM group's club beneath the General. If you recall, the Meatpacking specialists at EMM launched the multi-faceted project, which included the restaurant on the ground floor, Finale one level below, and then a third club by Travis Bass called Bow way down in the basement. But all of these different venues seemed to contradict the stipulations that EMM had agreed to when they were approved for a liquor license, and it resulted in their neighbors being extremely pissed off and the closing of Bow after just a few weeks.

The people at EMM have tried to clean up the permitting issues to bring the operation into compliance, but they have run into the brick wall better known as Community Board 3. Now it turns out that the SLA has also been keeping detailed tabs on the venue, and the owners of EMM will now be forced to appear before the SLA and defend its operations or risk losing their liquor licenses. It's not a stretch to think that the massive venue won't be able to survive on cereal inspired pastries and pan-Asian food alone.
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