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Critic Adam Platt Gets Booted From ZZ's Clam Bar

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New York critic Adam Platt got kicked out of ZZ's Clam Bar last night while dining there on assignment. He tells Grub Street that he and a guest showed up under an assumed name, had a couple of cocktails and some "enjoyable" if "insanely pricey" dishes, and were generally on "best behavior" when all of a sudden the food stopped coming. Then a "very large bouncer" politely told the pair "I'm sorry, but you guys are done."

The restaurant also firmly refused to let Platt pay for his meal. Though he didn't see Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi or Jeff Zalaznick anywhere, Platt speculates that someone figured out who he was and threw him out as "retribution" for the one star review he gave Carbone. "I understand the outrage," he says, "I'm just a mere civilian, wandering the avenues from one restaurant to the next, offering my considered opinion. But this is the first time after, I'm guessing, a thousand professional dinners, that I've been booted."
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