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With MercBar Gone, Is Soho Now 100 Percent Bar Free?

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The unexpected closing of MercBar after a legendary 21-year run in Soho has left a gaping hole in the neighborhood for anyone looking for a bar. Sure there are restaurants like Lure, Balthazar and the Mercer Kitchen that can whip you up a great drink, and places like Fanelli, Milady's and the Broome Street Bar are there if you are looking for a bar scene that also serves food, and the Pegu Club is still slinging delicious cocktails with a small food program.

But if you are looking for a bar somewhere in Soho proper, one that like MercBar proudly claimed to be "just a bar," then you appear to be mostly out of luck. The neighborhood known for its fancy shopping and even fancier lofts may now be bar free, requiring residents to cross the mythical neighborhood boundaries into Nolita, Hudson Square or Greenwich Village to find a proper pub or bar. And for an area that is more than 70 acres, that just seems crazy.

If you have a great place for a drink in Soho, drop it in the comments or let us know.
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