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Bedford Avenue Coffee Hot Spot Oslo Destroyed by Fire

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A photo just came through the Eater tipline of the Williamsburg location of the coffee shop Oslo, which caught fire earlier today. By the looks of things, the shop is completely done, with the fire forcing the evacuation of the space and completely torching the interior. The shop confirmed the fire on Twitter but, thankfully, says that everyone was okay.

The FDNY tells Gothamist that the fire broke out shortly before noon today and took around 45 minutes to be put out. The coffee shop's social media manager tells the blog that "the store is basically gone," with no word on if or when that location will reopen.

Meanwhile, the Roebling Street and Upper East Side locations remain open. Stay tuned for more details.
· Photos: Oslo Burns! Williamsburg Coffee Shop "Gutted" by Fire [Gothamist]
· @OsloCoffee [Twitter]

Oslo Coffee

328 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY