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Rub BBQ, Brown Café, and More Shutter

Aaron Baer-Harsha

1) Chelsea: The 23rd Street barbecue joint Rub BBQ is dunzo. A tipster wrote in earlier this week that it appeared done, despite surviving Hurricane Sandy and that time a stolen Hummer ran through the dining room. A stop by earlier today showed it was closed when it should've been open, and the restaurant just confirmed it on Facebook: December 31 was its last day. [Facebook]

2) Lower East Side: Brown Café at 61 Hester shuttered after New Year's Eve. Its space continues to be available for private events and the owners are concentrating on non-profit work. [The Lo-Down]

3) Upper West Side: A fire broke out yesterday inside Ollie's Noodle Shop on Broadway. The restaurant is closed indefinitely. [My Upper West]

4) West Village: Looks like Top Brgr on 14th Street at Sixth Avenue is down for the count. A tipster emailed that it was dark a week or so before Christmas, and the phone line is down. Let's call this one a shutter. [EaterWire]

RUB (Righteous Urban BBQ)

208 W 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011


208 W 23rd St., New York, NY