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Make a Music Video, Get a Free Six-Foot Sub from No. 7

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No. 7 Sub has a number of Super Bowl deals going on, with both three-foot and six-foot subs available for the big day. While that's cool and all, there's also this: co-owner Tyler Kord writes in to say that, in honor of the game, he's offering a free six-foot sub to the first person to remake the Willie Beamen video from Any Given Sunday. That's all it takes to score six feet of sub: painstakingly recreating a music video from a (really pretty awesome) 13-year-old football movie.

The first person to send one in gets the sub on the Sunday of their choice, including this Sunday if you're super fast with that camera work.

UPDATE 5:29 p.m.: As it turns out, you only have to make part of the movie. Says a rep: "We couldn't ask anyone to do that."

Video: Willie Beamen - My Name Is Willie (From Any Given Sunday)

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