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Will Mars Bar Make a Comeback in its Original Location?

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Is there a chance that Mars Bar will be making a comeback to its original location? The iconic East Village dive that somehow came to represent the old neighborhood despite making no effort whatsoever was forced to close when the building was demolished, and yesterday news brokethat the new building's retail space had been snatched up by a soulless bank. But today comes word that the new building actually has two retail spaces, and prior to the original closing, the building's developers struck a deal with Mars Bar owner Hank Penza that would allow them to market a space in the new project's basement that could be called Mars Bar. So any deal would not necessarily involve the original owners, and there is no way to tell who would try to re-do a pretty unique property, especially without the original dank. Maybe John DeLucie?
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Mars Bar

25 E 1st Street, New York, NY 10003 Visit Website

Mars Bar

25 E. 1st St., New York, NY