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Rye Alum Plans New England-Style Tavern on a Boat

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An ambitious dreamer by the name of Kelli Farwell is currently raising money for a tavern on a tug boat called The Water Table. Once Farwell and her crew purchase the boat (the one they want is currently in the Great Lakes area), it will sail around Manhattan twice nightly, serving classic cocktails and a menu of New England-influenced cuisine. Ms. Farwell — who will serve as the captain of the ship— formerly worked in front of the house positions at Gramercy Tavern, Rye, Dumont, and Craft, so she presumably knows a thing or two about running a restaurant. In the campaign video, she explains, "You can have all of the things you love about these Brooklyn restaurants, but we're going to put it on a boat and go out on the water every night, and it's going to be awesome."

Will The Water Table hit the East River before the M. Wells catamaran? Only time will tell. Check out the campaign video:

Help The Water Table get a boat and leave the dock! from The Water Table on Vimeo.

· The Water Table [IndieGoGo]

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